Sunday, October 11, 2009


Just another thumb


el said...

Did you want criticism?

Ollie said...

sure, always. I don't mind, actually i wish more people would friggin say something, instead of "looks good man" although that is appreciated, it doesn't help. and if the critic is right or wrong, or if i even use it, it doesn't matter, always good to hear. It means that I still have lots to learn, so i'll keep pushing myself. which is good.

el said...

I like how you changed Hogarth's posing. It's cuter and more nuanced.

I like the giant's head tilt.. but make it more... I'd suggest a slight rotation as well. It'd be more organic slightly. Although I do know why you might not do it; you might lose the graphic statement of the fin on the giant's head.

One of my major criticisms is the tree branch. It is too similar in shape to the giant's leg. I'd either make it more organic, or I would change it's thickness. At the moment the similarity in shape is decreasing your sense of depth.

The depth of the groundplane... is still unconvincing. Things aren't receding in space at the right proportional change, I don't think. Or maybe it is just vertical placements. Or take the foreground grass away and pull him closer to the foreground?

Gotta go for a bit. I'll say more when I get home.