Wednesday, October 7, 2009

The Iron Giant Project

rough concept for the iron giant gallery thing that the labyrinth is having, they're taking open submission so all of you fools better do one up.

critiques are very, very welcome....


el said...

Sense of scale.
Change the negative shape created by the framing leg so it isn't even (in fact a lot of your shapes feel very even) and use the abstract shape of the trees in the background to frame his head and hand.
You also probably don't want the iron giant's crotch to be the darkest dark. If you want an atmospheric feel use more contrast in the direct foreground objects, the feet and hogarth would be a smaller range of values towards the middle of the scale and the iron giant's face would be an even smaller range of values near the middle of the scale and the trees in the background will be the least contrasted set of values.

Tooninator said...

what he said HAHA.

But no, really. Keep going with some roughs. Explore around and I think you'll find something stronger