Tuesday, December 2, 2008

I life draw?

I think this is the first time I have ever posted my life drawings online. I really enjoy life drawing. I'm really lucky that I can do it 5 days a week, for really cheap. I always like to try something different with my drawing, (although looking at these I think I need to experiment and push things even more) but i always try to draw for myself.

I think next time I go to life drawing I'm going to have way more fun.....

Tania, i think that's her name, great model

Uni brow lady, don't know her real name, and she doesn't really have
an uni brow, but she has great posses too

I don't have to many quick poses, i always get to life drawing late

Beefy shoulder guy

Illy lookin frustrated

45 min, longest pose I've done in a while, spent most of the time try to get it lookin correct, and lost track of the time, oh well

every one kept saying she looked like a dead hooker or something

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Tooninator said...

That last one is a keeper. Wow.