Saturday, November 15, 2008

So me and 6 other fellow caricature artist went down to North Carolina, Raleigh, to attend the NCN Caricature convention, although in my opinion the word convention doesn't really describe the event all that well, There weren't many people selling anything, other than Stephen Silver and Joe Bluhm,(who are the people you would want to by stuff from anyway) there was also an art store there. No media or anything like that that I saw, roaming about bothering people. No Fat, sweaty, smelly, (although after the 3rd day of everyone sitting, drawing day and night, in the same hall, there developed a funk, but it was a good funk, a "creative Funk") 30 year old men, who still lived in their parents home, spewing their appreciation to their favorite artist.

It was just 200 or so artists, sittin around drawing, laughing, drinking, i.e doing what they loved to do. For 5 days straight, 24 hour access to the hotels dining hall, and man was it ever sweet!!!! Such a creative high. just walking though out the dinner hall and looking at all the art that was being made was very inspiring, you would want to keep walking, but at the same time you would want to get back to your seat and drawing some more. there where many times though out the day when you would hear someone burst out laughing and you knew that somebody had just drawn something really awesome. Another thing that was really great about the "convention" was that some of my favorite artist where there, not only that, they where sitting there, drawing next to me. I definitely tried my hardest not to geek out when Stephen Silver came by and said hi, and commented on one of my drawings, (I'm pretty sure i came across as a fan boy anyway) I could go on about it more but I'll just show some of the drawing I got while I was there......

I am definitely going next year.

by Brian Oakes, my fav

By Nate Kapnicky

by Andy Urzua

by Ben Bloss

by Andrea Gerstmann

by Kage Nakanishi